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Since 2016, NJI has been the French brand specializing in women's cycling apparel. Clothing creation runs in our family – we grew up surrounded by the world of couture and fashion design.

Fabric Excellence

We meticulously select our fabrics from Italy, renowned for its textile industry and premium materials. We offer high-performance fibers for enduring quality, recognizing that the fabric will be in constant contact with the skin for many hours, enduring all movements and friction.

In our community, every woman, at any cycling level or age, is a source of strength and determination. We support each other physically and mentally, embracing challenges together. Join us on this journey, where every mile ridden is a victory and every pedal stroke brings us closer to our full potential.

Empowering Performance

Every piece we craft embodies authenticity and a commitment to quality. Our goal is to offer technically advanced, comfortable garments tailored to the female form and the demands of cycling. We prioritize high-tech materials to shield against the elements while maintaining breathability.

A unique mindset built on creativity, originality, and boldness

All our collections are conceived and designed in our creative studio in Toulouse. We boldly present vibrant and unique designs reflecting our quirky universe. We envision the details that will inspire you to hit the road. Each collection is a new story, a fresh adventure we share.

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