Go on an adventure

Strips is incredible green landscapes where the sun's rays mingle.
It is an invitation to travel, to hike or to take short trips on winding mountain roads. It is the symbol of adventure, freedom and escape.
Strips brings you closer to nature.


Comfort and quality

NJI thought about the strapless fans and offers you its first strapless cycling shorts: support and comfort are always there! The Aero Flow Compress fabric guarantees an excellent support while you pedal. The elastic waistband stays in place and doesn't constrict your stomach. The Infinity Chamois was specially designed for the female anatomy. It gradually absorbs the pressure on the saddle and gives you comfort and ease even after long hours on your bike thanks to its 120g skin. To perfect your comfort, the silicone lower leg is seamless. It fits smoothly on your thighs and does not compress your muscles.